Internet Bundles

After consuming the granted Giga Bytes quota, your internet access will be blocked to give you full control over what you pay. To access the internet one more time, you can choose between the different Add-ons or paying as you go for every additional Mega Byte you consume.

To subscribe to "Weekly bundles" ,please click Subscribe Now



• New Bundles are available for new & existing customers.


• To manage your data account click Manage Now



Through this page you can track and inquire about the below:

1. Internet usage.

2. Bundle renewal date.

3. Inquire about your balance.

4. Recharge online.

5. Purchase bundles and add-ons.

6. Your line status.

7. Your data number.

For existing customers


• In case you are not subscribed to a bundle or tariff on your mobile, you will get 10 MBs every day for 1.25 LE and every additional MB is for 50 PT.